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Business ideas to Start With Zero Budget in 2021

Most business ideas attract Kenyans who often have to dig deep into their pockets in order to actualize ideas and make a decent profit.

The current rise in unemployment rate facing the country during the pandemic has pushed youths to consider alternative sources of employment in the digital space in order to make money for themselves. BAMBIKA NEWS takes a look at five business ideas with zero budget that Kenyans can start:


Various platforms offer writers unique opportunities to connect with the right audience which exposes them to numerous business opportunities. Sites such as offer users a chance to sign up for free and tap into the endless possibilities.The most important thing to note, however, when venturing into blogging is to identify the right type of content for the right audience. This means that careful planning needs to be put into consideration. The amount of pay depends on the popularity of the bloggers as some earn below Ksh20,000 while others more than Ksh100,000.

2.Online tutorials

The adverse effects of Covid-19 pandemic saw many tutors go digital. This also provided an opportunity for teachers, lecturers and students to carry out home based tutorial services despite the closure of schools by the government in early March.

Youth can venture into online tutorials by offering online tutorials to users at a cost. They can also create downloadable instructional videos or schedule real time lessons through Zoom or Skype.Various virtual platforms offer an avenue for tutors to register and conduct lessons to students across the country who can access the platform.


Mostly common to university students, freelancing jobs provide an opportunity to individuals to utilise their skills to help solve various company needs. Freelancers offer a wide array of services such as graphics design, app development, photography, branding services.Sites such as Upwork, LinkedIn enable a user to create an account and connect with potential business clients. The freelancer creates a profile and builds upon their portfolio in order to land lucrative deals from established companies.

4.Digital marketing services

Influencers with relevant content and massive following get approached by clients to post their products or services at a cost. This enables the business to reach a wider audience and customers may be swayed to buy their product based on the loyal fanbase of the influencer.Digital influencers offer services such as email marketing, copywriting, website design among others.Digital strategist Brian Muuo, in a previous interview, noted that digital platforms have evened the plain-field for all youth to engage in. “The only limit on digital platforms is a person’s creativity and if you establish yourself with a loyal following you can easily be approached by corporates to advertise for them,” he told prices vary depending on the influencer’s fanbase but Tiktok Sensation Azziad Nasenya’s rate card revealed she charged on average Ksh100,000 for a Tiktok video and Ksh50,000 for a live video on the same platform.

5.Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing entails promoting a company’s product or services whereby one earns a commission on generated leads. The core benefit to this kind of marketing is that users can promote products and services from different companies and earn commission from all of them.A massive following is also key in order to drive traffic to your website for readers to explore the products on your site. A user sets up their profile on a blog or website and proceeds to choose the various products they’d like to promote. The company then gives the affiliate a unique link in order to track every sale.

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